How Do I...?

  1. Apply For

    Apply for a job, building permit or to be a vendor for the city.

    1. Job

      Apply for current and upcoming employment opportunities.

    2. Building Permit

      Apply for a building permit.

    3. Being a vendor for the city

  2. Ask a Question

    Request information from the local government.

  3. Contact a Department

    Contact city personnel.

  4. Find

    Find information about your court case and view current court docket.

    1. Individual and Business Tax Forms

      Access online tax forms.

    2. My Court Case Information

      Search court cases online.

    3. Current Court Docket

      Search the court docket.

  5. Pay

    Pay your traffic ticket or income taxes online.

    1. My Income Taxes

      Pay taxes to the city.

    2. A Ticket

      Take care of ticket payments online.

  1. Report

    Contact the city with concerns.

    1. A Concern

      Contact the city with concerns.

    2. A Nuisance or Code Violation

    3. A Pothole

      Report a pothole to Public Works

    4. A Street Light Out

  2. Request

    Request a dump truck, flu shot or access to public records.

    1. Rent a Dump Truck

      Apply for the Dump Truck Loan Program.

    2. Submit a Public Records Request

      Call 563-1144 to request Public Records.

  3. Sign Up for Alerts

    Sign up for alert notifications.

  4. View City Events

    Participate in a city event.

  5. View Council Minutes

    Review council meeting agendas and minutes.