Flood Plain / Storm Water Management

Flood plain managementThe Sharonville Storm Water District was created to fund compliance with the EPA National Permit on water quality. The on-going project includes:
  • Continued GIS mapping by CT Consultants
  • USGS stream gauges and related expenses
  • Payment to the HAMCO SWD for their part in EPA permit processing
  • Creation of a district storm water plan
  • Detention facility inspections
  • Dry weather screening outfall inspections


Storm Water District activities include board membership with the Hamilton County Storm Water District and the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities.

The Community Development Department conducts ongoing / periodic inspections of all private detention facilities and storm water management systems in the city. There are over 150  storm water facilities located in Sharonville and the city intends to perform facility inspections in three-year cycles. Inspection results may require enforcement notices to correct maintenance violations. The cost of these activities is compensated for by revenues from the Sharonville Storm Water District.

The Community Development Department frequently receives calls from property owners, mortgage companies, and insurance companies about flood plain issues and to answer general questions. A quick visual estimate appears to show that approximately 20% or more of Sharonville is in the flood plain.  The Department also assists and advises property owners with Elevation Certificates, process and approve all Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) permits for work in the flood plain.  The City also partners with the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities to highlight the Mill Creek corridor and the creek itself as a natural asset for the region.  View information about FEMA flood plain mapping and watershed communities online.