Rental Information

Sharonville Parks and Recreation has many rental opportunities for your special occasions. Both residents and non-residents may rent the facilities. For more information, please call 563-2895 and ask to speak with Kathy Wilkerson or Vickie Elsbrock. Anyone wishing to schedule the facilities for rental will be expected to respect the facilities at all times and will adhere to the scheduled hours and facility usage guidelines.

​Rental Spaces & Fees

  • Resident picnics are $25.
  • Business picnics are $50.
  • Non-resident picnics are $75.
The Gower Park Shelter fees include park security guard.

​Indoor Facilities
  • Meeting Room (seats 50)                             Res $80 / Non $100
  • Lovitt Building (seats 50)                               Res $80 / Non $100 

Above rates are for 4 hours and are subject to a $10/hour attendant fee.

  • Multi-Purpose Room                                      Resident $200
  • Multi-Purpose Room                                      Non-Resident Fri/Sun $400
  • Multi-Purpose Room                                      Non-Resident Sat $500

Above rates are for 4 hours and are subject to additional terms and agreements.