Members of the department perform various types of training throughout the year.  We strive to exceed all of the requirements placed upon us for maintaining our various levels of certification.  As an example, almost every full-time member of the department is a Paramedic, Level II Firefighter, and Fire Safety Inspector.  This alone  accounts for a minimum of over 170 hours of continuing education every 3 years.  This does not include the other standards placed upon us by the NFPA, Incident Command, Leadership certifications, technical rescue, or Instructor certifications which many members maintain.

To become a Level II firefighter, it requires a minimum of 240 hours of initial training, Fire Safety Inspector is another 80 hour course. Paramedic certification requires approximately 2 years of training on average, all to qualify for the basic entry level requirements for a full time firefighter/paramedic position with the department.