2022 Sharonville Tax Returns with extensions are due by Oct 16, 2023

Need help filing your Sharonville return? We're happy to help. Please stop in or make an appointment for tax return preparation in our office at: If you have multiple years to file please call us at 513-563-1169 to make an appointment. Please bring your federal tax return, W-2's and a copy of your extension to your appointment.

Annual Interest Rate

By October 31 of each year, the interest rate that will apply to overdue municipal income taxes during the next calendar year will be posted herein, as required by Ohio Revised Code Section 718.27(F).

The interest rate is calculated by adding five percentage points to the federal short-term rate (rounded to the nearest whole number percent) that was in effect during July of the current year, in accordance with ORC Section 718.27(A)(5), and it is applicable to tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2016.

Based on these requirements, the applicable interest rate is as follows:

Calendar YearAnnual Rate Monthly Rate
 2024 10.0% 0.833%
 2023 7.0% 0.583%
 2021-2022 5.0% 0.42%
 2019-2020 7.0% 0.583%
 2017-2018 6.0% 0.5%
 2016 5.0%  0.42%


Tax Rate

The City of Sharonville has an earnings tax of 1.5% that applies to all who live, work, or operate a business within the City of Sharonville. This tax must be paid to the City of Sharonville regardless of age or level of income.

Tax Payments

The City of Sharonville Tax Office accepts payments in person and by mail to provide taxpayers with cost effective tax payment options. Tax payments may also be made through ACI Payments online or by phone at 1-800-487-4567. ACI Payments does charge a nominal fee for this service which may be calculated using the fee calculator available.

If your balance has been sent to the Ohio Attorney General, all payments must be paid directly to them at P.O. Box 89471, Cleveland, OH, 44101.  If you have questions, please contact them at 1-888-871-8838 or visit their website at

When to File

Individual Returns: On or before April 15* 
Business Returns:On or before April 15* or the 15th* day of the 4th month following the end of the fiscal year 
Withholding Reconciliations:On or before February 28* 

* If the due date falls on a weekend or a federal holiday, the due date will be the following business day.

Let Us Help You!

If you are in need of forms or have any questions regarding current year estimated payments, the filing of the annual City of Sharonville income tax return, or prior year

return(s) please feel free to call, visit the Tax Office, or view documents online.

The City of Sharonville Tax Office staff will be happy to assist with the completion of your individual Sharonville tax return. Just bring all W-2s, 1099s, your Federal Form 1040 including Schedule 1, if used, and any other pertinent federal schedules to the Tax Office during office hours. While no appointment is necessary, tax return preparation assistance will only be provided until 4:30 p.m.

Filing early is highly recommended, as requests for assistance from the Tax Office increase dramatically as the tax filing deadline approaches.