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From the Desk of Mayor HardmanHardman Kevin

A pandemic, stay-at-home orders, business closures, school closings and flooding – it has truly been one miserable second quarter of 2020 for our world, our country, and our city. As I write this article for your Hometown Guide, we are starting to emerge from our cocoons and “re-start” Ohio – or in our case – RE-START SHARONVILLE!

Truthfully, though, your City has not stopped over the last several months. I have often shared with you the accomplishments and great work of our city’s employees in these quarterly messages. The commitment, originality and perseverance these servants have shown throughout this crisis has been exceptional. Your Police Department shifted their schedules, assisted a neighboring community who lost an officer in a senseless murder, and continued to ensure the safety of our community. Your Fire Department was always there to respond to any emergency, but exhibited their true dedication to service during one day of mid-May flooding. In that one day, your firefighters assisted with 14 requests for water removal, 7 requests for assistance with traffic control, helped 9 local businesses around the Mill Creek with evacuation questions, and encountered 5 EMS runs and 3 fire runs. The Public Works department has never wavered in their efforts to maintain city infrastructure, including assisting with continued construction around the city and a downtown gas leak. Community Development staff in work-from-home mode have busily finished up preparations for the City’s 2030 plan, our downtown strategic plan, and provided options for small businesses to get back up and running. The Tax Department and City Administration have continued to service your needs and answer your questions as they took up remote positions amid changed tax filing dates and ever-changing public health orders. And finally, our Recreation staff has gotten creative in ways to engage you and your families while not being able to open the doors to our newly-renovated facility. One such initiative is “Sharonville Supports” aimed at reaching out to our neighbors who may have needed a little extra “Sharonville love” during this time. Thank you for your donations of cleaning supplies, cookies, crackers, money and input on people in need that have made this program a success.

I know that many of you are hurting right now and struggling with the impacts of the coronavirus. Please know that your City is here to assist you or at least to keep you in touch with the many community resources that may be available for whatever situation you may find yourself. This Hometown Guide is different from past editions as the uncertainty at time of publication with regard to re-openings and guidelines for doing so are just emerging. I encourage you to look to our website – – and our official Facebook pages for updates on city building openings and programming opportunities/updates. As we transition to the next phase out of this situation those spaces will provide the most current and up-to-date information about how and what the City can provide for you – especially with regard to our gym, park, fitness center and playground facilities. Continue to look out for each other Sharonville, stay safe, and I’ll see you around the neighborhood.

Hardman Family