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Hardman Kevin

From the Desk of Mayor Hardman

Back in the Winter of 2021, I shared with you our City’s recently passed Comprehensive Plan. It identified five themes that the City would strive to work toward. It seems fitting to take a minute to share some of the things we’ve accomplished in meeting those goals.

PURSUE RESPONSIBLE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT … This past year, Council approved a new zoning code that addressed deficiencies in the old Code and clarified our rules and expectations for residents and businesses. 

CAPITALIZE ON OUR ECONOMIC MOMENTUM … Despite a pandemic that ravaged many businesses and other jurisdictions, Sharonville has stayed strong economically and we are poised to continue our economic vitality. One way we have remained so strong is by engaging experts to help us analyze risks and prepare for potential problems.

IMPROVE CONNECTIVITY … If you haven’t been on Kemper Road lately between Route 42 and Sharon Woods, you should. A new sidewalk is installed with more to come. Next up is sidewalk from North of our historic downtown, up Route 42 to Kemper Road. We continue to explore options that encourage walking throughout our City.

ENHANCE COMMUNITY AMENITIES … The splash pad at Gorman Park was a true hit with families all this Summer. The next phases of that Park transformation will include a dog park, additional shelter, walking path, and a great lawn for play. 

RE-DEFINE A VISION FOR OUR PLACES … Construction will begin soon on our downtown Loop square. It is set to be a significant transformation that includes a water feature, seating areas, and a small performance stage – a true gathering place for our community.

 If you want to view the entire Comprehensive Plan, I invite you to visit A very promising future is ahead for the City of Sharonville – glad that you can be a part of it!

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