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From the Desk of Mayor Hardman

There’s a special kind of feeling you get when you start to see others realize something that you’ve known for a long time. As a resident of this community for five decades (slightly over two of those in elected office), I know what a great hometown Sharonville was, is and will continue to be. And, like many of you, I love to share the great things about our home with people who are not as familiar with all we have to offer. A few months ago, Safety Service Director Jim Lukas, Mayor’s Assistant Anna Ehlerding and I welcomed Ohio Magazine to our City to show them why Sharonville is THE place to Live, Work & Play. And you showed up resulting in our City receiving Ohio Magazine’s 2023-2024 Best Hometown recognition. Sharonville will be one of five Ohio communities to be highlighted in the November/December 2023 and July/August 2024 issues of Ohio Magazine allowing so many more people to understand the excellence of our town.

We were happy to share with Ohio Magazine the strengths of our large and small business base, the improvements to our historic core, the amenities for travelers in our Northern Lights District, and the ease of accessibility to our neighbors. But what really makes a great hometown are the people who choose to live, work and play there. And it is you who are truly celebrated when the City receives such honors - people like the five recognized at an early August council meeting. The Sharonville Fire Department presented the Lifesaver Award to Mansour Shokohee, Greg Acus, Amy Kimble, Julie Runyan, and Dusty Daniels. These five Sharonville residents and/or employees leapt into action saving the life of a community center patron in cardiac arrest. Their quick action and teamwork made it possible for this man to make a full recovery. We give thanks to them for their willingness to come to another’s aid and shining a light on the character of the residents of Sharonville.

So, keep up the good work Sharonville. Let’s continue to spread throughout our region the greatness of this place we all call home. And the more we do, the more people will learn what we already know … Sharonville is THE place to Live, Work & Play.

Hardman Family