Responsibilities & Terms of Office

  • Mayor - The mayor serves a four-year term. The mayor reports to council on the management of the city, presides in mayor's court as judge, presides over the Sharonville Planning Commission, and is CEO of the city. The mayor appoints the safety services director, who runs the city on a day-to-day basis.
  • Auditor - The auditor serves a four-year term. The auditor keeps the books and is responsible for accurate records of all moneys received and expended, records on all property owned by the city, and all taxes and assessments.
  • Treasurer - The treasurer serves a four-year term. The treasurer is responsible for all municipal bank accounts, investments, and receives and disburses all city funds.
  • Law Director - The law director serves a four-year term. The law director represents the city in all legal matters, court actions, renders opinions, prosecutes in mayor's court, prepares all legislation, and serves as legal adviser to council.
  • Council Members - Council members serve two-year terms. One council person is elected from each of the city's four wards and three are elected from the city at large. This allows each resident to vote for four of the seven council persons, which is a majority on council. Council is the legislative body of the municipality. Council sets the budget each year for the operation of the city and sets all salaries and authorizes all contracts for expenditures of municipal funds. Each council person also heads a committee to report current matters to council and, in addition, serves on two other council committees relating to the operation of the city.