Snow Removal

Plowing Schedule & Parking
The city is responsible for plowing all dedicated city streets. Public Works tries to keep major thoroughfares clear of snow for services such as police, ambulances, fire trucks, and emergency equipment. If the major roadways are not passable, these services cannot get out to any resident.

Public Works coordinates the snow plowing with emergency service vehicles to ensure that they can safely reach your residence. Consequently, all primary streets are plowed and treated first. When this is accomplished, secondary streets are addressed. Snow plows plow with the traffic flow, so in order to completely plow a street a number of passes must be made in both directions. Parking in the street will slow down plow traffic.

The city is not responsible for snow that is plowed from the street and is redeposited in private driveways. Plow operators have very few choices as to where the snow can go. Unintentional deposit of snow in driveways can happen. Depositing of any snow from private driveway onto a public street is strictly prohibited. Violators are subject to prosecution.

Snow Emergency

When streets become hazardous as a result of snow and ice, a snow emergency will be declared, as conditions warrant in accordance with City Ordinance 351.19. All vehicles on any street must be removed. Vehicles left unattended on a City street during a snow emergency will be removed by any reasonable means, including towing, and all such expenses will be charged to the owner or person in control of such vehicle. Stay at least two car lengths behind a snow plow for every 10 mph you are traveling. Never cut in between a caravan of plows clearing a road.

Beware of "black ice" (roads that look wet but actually are glazed with ice). Ramps and bridges freeze first. Older residents and those with health problems are reminded to avoid the extreme physical activity associated with shoveling snow. The media will announce the information when a snow emergency has been declared and when it has been lifted.

You are encouraged to be patient with the removal of snow from city streets. Large snow removal equipment often makes the full clearing of some of these areas impossible because of limited maneuvering ability. Alternate equipment may then be applied when storm conditions have subsided. Please remove any portable basketball goals from the roadside, as this makes it very difficult for snowplows to maneuver around.

Snowmobile and ATV operators are advised to keep vehicles off city streets at all times.