Fire Department Club

Sharonville Fire Department Club

The Sharonville Fire Department Club was founded in 1954 with the goal of providing funds to the fire department to offset the cost of equipment and education.  This goal is being met to this day.  The club is able to financially support the fire department’s public education, CPR classes, bike helmet program, smoke detector program and Scholarship Fund as well as offset the cost of some equipment all through fundraising activities and private donations. 

Chief Robert J. Yeager Memorial Scholarship Fund 

In 1983 The Sharonville Fire Department Club established the Robert J. Yeager Scholarship Fund in honor of the late Fire Chief. The annual scholarship is open to residents of Sharonville and children of Sharonville firefighters.  The scholarship can be used for college, trade school or technical school. The scholarship is awarded based on the applicant's "Service to Mankind." To date, 35 scholarships have been presented to students.   Applications for the 2014 scholarship will be available January 15, 2014 at the main firehouse on Chester Road. Questions regarding the scholarship should be directed to Cheryl Brown at (513) 379-6050