Fire Department Club

The Sharonville Fire Department Club was founded in 1959 when Sharonville had a volunteer department. The primary purpose of the club was to: 

  • Promote the welfare of the citizens of the City of Sharonville by providing better facilities for the Sharonville Volunteer Fire Department
  • To provide the means and facilities to promote athletic recreation for its members and guests 
  • To promote the health, welfare, and education of the citizens of the City of Sharonville and its environs by sponsoring educational and athletic scholarships and the creation of charitable and medical funds
  • To do any and all things of every kind or nature whatsoever that may be useful or possible to do in connection with, as part of, incidental to, or supplemental to any of the above-enumerated purposes. 

Over the years the club has provided firefighting equipment over and above what was provided by the City and assisted members when they were in need. The club has also sponsored many CPR classes for Sharonville residents. When the club first began, the members of the department would make monthly contributions from their volunteer checks. In addition, they would have the annual Sharonville Fireman's Festival, all of which supported the Sharonville Fire Department Club. 

Chief Robert J. Yeager Memorial Scholarship Fund 

The Robert J. Yeager Memorial Scholarship Fund was created in memory of Chief Robert Yeager to promote and reward "Service to Community". The scholarship has historically been awarded to two high school seniors in the amount of $2,500. However, beginning in 2023, the scholarship was changed and will go to one recipient whom is enrolled in a local paramedic program. 

Any questions regarding the scholarship fund can be directed to Lt. Suzanne Casteel at or 513-563-0252. 

Sharonville Fire Department Club Board of Directors consist of: 

President - Retired Chief John Mackey
Vice President - Firefighter/Paramedic Erica Marion 
Secretary Treasurer - Lt. Suzanne Casteel