Sharonville Patriot Pointe

In Honor of our United States Military Personnel

Sharonville Patriot Pointe is located on Thornview Drive, facing the Sharonville Branch of the Hamilton County Library and near the Sharonville Recreation Center. The City of Sharonville provided the location and funds to prepare the site. The actual memorial features were provided by funds donated by many sponsors throughout the community.

Not Limited to Sharonville Residents

Sharonville Patriot Pointe is not limited to Sharonville residents. Patriot Pointe honors all veterans of the United States military, men and women, regardless of being involved in a war conflict. This memorial also honors historic wars that have shaped the United States.

Commemorative Bricks

Veterans and supporters of veterans can purchase commemorative bricks inscribed with a name. The cost of a brick with inscription is $50. Bricks inscribed with the name of a veteran are placed in the hallowed ground of the memorial. Bricks inscribed with the names of supporters are placed around the perimeter of the memorial. Bricks can be purchased year round, for the lifetime of Patriot Pointe. They will be installed on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day of each year, beginning in 2002. You are able to view purchased commemorative bricks online.  You can fill out an order form to order a  commemorative brick.

Please call the Public Works Department at 563-1177 for more information.

All gave some; some gave all.
To them we owe our freedom.