Pool Rules

The Aquatic Center is a membership-based facility, you must have a membership or be a guest of a current member to enter. Single day pool passes are not offered. Pool rules are provided to members upon purchase of membership. If you have immediate questions regarding pool rules, please contact the Recreation Department at 513-563-2895.

A detailed description of the Aquatic Center rules & regulations can be viewed here

Guest & Supervision Policy

Our goal in this policy is to accommodate our members as best as we can, without creating a potentially unsafe or unfair usage of the facility.

  • Members age 10 & over may enter the Community Center or Aquatics Center by themselves. Members under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult member, age 18+.
  • The fee for a member to bring a guest is $5.00 per person. Guests ages 2 & under are not subject to a fee.
  • Members ages 10 to 17 are permitted to bring no more than 2 guests per day. Guests under 18 are not permitted in the fitness center.
  • Adult members over the age of 18 are permitted to bring up to 5 guests per day. If the guests are from the same family as the member, they are permitted to bring more than 5.
  • Example: An adult member over the age of 18 is bringing their adult daughter, son in law, and five grandchildren from out of town to visit the pool. Since all guests are from the same family as the member, this would be permitted.
  • All guests over the age of 18 are required to provide a valid Driver's License or State ID to be scanned by our SafePoint system against the National Sex Offenders Registry.
  • Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests while they are in our facility. The Recreation Department reserves the right to ban future entry.
  • All guests are required to complete the guest sign in sheet when entering the Community Center.
  • Guests are required to leave the facility with the member once they have completed their activity/concluded their visit.
  • Discounted guest pass bundles can be purchased at the Community Center front desk only. Purchase 5 guest passes in advance for only $20.00 and 10 in advance for only $35.00.

Health Code

With the exception of water bottles, food and drink of any kind are not permitted around the pool area. Baby changing stations are located inside the locker rooms. Board of Health restrictions requires that you do not change diapers in the pool area. Additionally, the Board of Health restrictions require that you do not swim if you are experiencing symptoms of diarrhea. Toddlers and babies using the pool must wear a swim diaper and swim suit.


Disabled persons have easy access into all Aquatic Center pools. The family play pool is designed for zero depth entrance. Additionally, the plunge and competitive pools have an in-deck lift system for easy pool entry. Please have a caregiver available to assist you with the equipment if necessary.