Good Neighbor Award

Good Neighbor Award Description

Sharonville is a special place because residents care for one another.  Do you have a neighbor who goes "above and beyond" by making exceptional contributions to improving your life or those on your street, in your neighborhood, or benefitting the community?  If so, the "Good Neighbor Award" seeks to identify and honor those individuals who embody the spirit of neighbors helping neighbors.  This program strives to recognize those who are making a difference in our City and who do not typically seek or receive recognition for their efforts. The "Good Neighbor Award" gives those in Sharonville the opportunity to recognize other individuals for their acts of kindness and call attention in a positive way to the benefits of being a good neighbor.

 Nominees must reside or work in the City of Sharonville. Examples of a "Good Neighbor" would be: 

  • Someone who not only takes care of their property, but goes “above and beyond” with a beautification project or other exterior improvement impacting the aesthetics of the property and neighborhood.  
  • Someone who assists neighbors by snowplowing or taking out and returning garbage bins simply because they want everyone to have a nice place to live. 
  • Someone who coordinates neighborhood picnics or events in the community simply to improve the quality of life of others. 
  • Someone who has overcome a challenging life yet strives to help others. 
  • Someone who helps others as they battle age-related issues and illness by preparing meals or picking up groceries, without any expectations, recognition or pay. 

If you would like to nominate a "Good Neighbor," please fill out the Good Neighbor Nomination Form. Once nominations are received, they will be reviewed to see who should receive a "Good Neighbor Award."