Amy Sharpshair

City Council
Title: Council at Large
Phone: (513) 733-0031
Sharpshair, Amy

Amy Sharpshair will begin serving as a newly elected council member in January 2024. She moved to Sharonville in 1994.   Amy and her husband, John have six children:  

Lydia (Josh Musch), Thomas, Margaret, Ava, Lily, and Sadie.  Amy was a stay-at-home mom until 2012, when she re-entered the workforce. During the past twelve years, Amy worked at St. Michael School and is now employed with Princeton City Schools. 

As a parent and an avid volunteer, Amy has had the pleasure of working with many of our Sharonville families in community sports programs and city events, supporting community businesses, assisting in our great school district’s clubs, programs, and much more. A great pleasure of hers has been the Presidency of the Sharonville Sharks Swim Team. This opportunity directly impacts the youths and their families. It has been a very rewarding and positive experience.

In their spare time, Amy and John enjoy attending high school football games where they are “Band Roadies” for the Pride of Princeton Marching Band. Other activities such as attending church and church functions, going to school concerts, and enjoying a lot of “family time” fill up their calendar and hearts with joy.

 “It is my honor and privilege to further serve our community and citizens in my role as a council member.”


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