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Request an Off Duty Officer

  1. Sharonville Police - Off Duty Office Request Form
    When requesting an Off-Duty Officer, please complete the form below or call (513)563-1147 and ask to speak to the Detail Coordinator. We ask that you please call three weeks in advance of the job, unless it’s an emergency. The job will be made available to all officers and it is up to them to sign up; the job is assigned to an officer the week before the job date.

    If you need to cancel the officer, call our dispatch center at (513)563-1147 at least two hours prior to the job start time and ask them to contact the officer regarding the cancellation. If you do not cancel the officer prior to the two hour window, you will be charged the minimum three hour show up fee.
  2. Our rates are currently:
    • $35.00 per hour, per officer
    • $10.00 per hour per cruiser for construction details
    • We have a three hour minimum
    • An invoice will be provided, along with social security numbers
    • Payment is made directly to the officer after the job is completed, in the form of cash or check
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